Permanent Hair Removal by Diode Laser


No doubt unwanted hairs are a big issue for women and for some men as well. In this world of technology after deep research researcher has invented a laser technique to get permanently rid of these unwanted hairs. This is a medically proven procedure in which a beam of the laser is used to remove unwanted hairs permanently.

In this procedure the laser emits light energy focusing on the target site. The light energy is converted into heat energy damaging the tube shape sacs called hair follicles. By using this treatment unwanted hairs from almost any part of the body can be removed expect some sensitive areas like eyelashes.

The principle of working for this technique is that the hair pigments absorb the light so the laser only damages the hairs without giving any damage to the skin. But if the contrast between hair and skin colour is less then there should be some chances for skin damages as well. But with the advancement in laser technology, these chances are also got vanished.

There are as such no risk involved in using this technique except some which are

Skin irritation: Swelling and redness at the targeted area can result after the treatment. but these are temporary discomforts which only last for a few hours.

Pigment changes: As a result of laser treatment, there are also some chances for change in skin color. but this change is temporary and this mostly happens in those patients who don't avoid excessive sunlight for some time after the treatment.

How do you prepare? If you have your interest in permanent hair removal by using laser technology then choose a doctor with huge experience and certifications in treating skin problems like Dr. Adam, a skin specialist and a highly qualified professional in laser technology having a diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the USA and Certified from the Malaysian Ministry of health running his very known beauty clinic the Monette Ansley Clinic in Malaysia.

The doctor will check your medical history, disorders of your skin if you have any, and past hair removal procedure details to get you with the best results.


After the treatment, there is some chance for redness of skin but these chances are very rare and this occurs put ice bags at the affected areas.

After the treatment hair does not fall instantly. it takes some time and some treatments depending upon the result of first treatment.


It is again directed that do not try this at beauty parlours and saloons until in the presence of a qualified health professional to avoid any mishap.

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