Slimming By Duromine & Adipex Retard

Obesity and overweight are big issues in all developed and developing countries. Obesity is considered an epidemic by many health professionals. The death rate due to complications in the result of obesity is 2.8 million. In the US 1, out 3 individuals are affected by obesity. The risks in the result of obesity include higher chances for type 2 diabetes, strokes, and different types of cancer. Weight loss can help you in solving a number of problems.

  • It can help you to give yourself a proper appearance and a more attractive look
  • It can help you to give yourself confidence because usually, peoples suffering from overweight feel uncomfortable about their body
  • It lowers the risks of type 2 diabetes, strokes and cancer as well
  • For women, it can help in treating fertility as the fertility treatment is more effective in less obese women.

Here we will discuss 2 drugs that are very effective in treating obesity




Apidex Retard

*Before discussing these two drugs it is highly recommended to consult from some experienced health professional, before using these, who is an expert in treating obesity by using these two drugs like Dr. Adam, a very experienced slimming health professional for treating obesity at his Monette Ansley Clinic.


Duromine contains phentermine 30mg as its active ingredient. After taking the Duromine, phentermine is slowly released in your body. So far that reason its effects go all long for whole day. Phentemine directly hits your brain and makes you feel less hungry. It is usually used in conjunction with some diet plans and some exercises recommended by a health professional.

Side effects of Duromine (Revised by DR. Adam) :
While using Duromine it compulsory for you to be aware of its side effects. As there are not too many side effects if used after consultation from your doctor.

The common side effects which are seen in almost 1% of patients are

  • Irregular heartbeat, palpitation
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Headache and taste disturbance
  • Higher than normal urination and slight changes in sex drive

If you find too much irregular heartbeat, please contact your doctor immediately.

Adipex Retard

Phentermine is the component used in the manufacturing of Adipex Retard, it is only 15mg of phentermine comparing to Duromine with 30mg, it is very much effective in treating obesity as compared to Duromine yet only using half the dosage, as a result the side effect is reduced effectively to half without compromising the effect, thanks to Adipex slow released technology.

There are a lot of drugs available to cure obesity but every drug has some good and bad effects as well. So it is highly recommended that before using any drug consult your doctor First.

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