Dr Adam Awarded The Top Sculptra Doctor in Malaysia

*Dr. Adam is awarded the No.1 Sculptra Doctor in Malaysia for 7 years continuously by Galderma - The highest achievement for a Malaysian doctor to date, this award gives Dr. Adam the recognition he deserves, proof of the hard work he has achieved over the past decade for his commitment to excellence in patient care, satisfaction & safety. Being an LCP certified aesthetic specialist and founder of Monette Ansley Clinic, he is loved by patients, often being asked to present at leading aesthetic conferences for his skill in enhancing beauty through the science and art of facial rejuvenation.

Awards by Galderma Switzerland

Galderma S.A is a Swiss pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, formed in 1981 as a joint venture between Nestlé and L'Oréal, then it became a subsidiary of Nestlé. Revenue in 2018 reached CHF 2.8 billion. Specializing in skincare products and dermatological treatments including Sculptra. The company, headed by president and CEO Flemming Ørnskov (ex-Shire), has 33 sites in 100 countries with a worldwide network of distributors and employs more than 4,600 people. In 2021, the slogan of Galderma is "Advancing dermatology for every skin story" - references Wikipedia


Sculptra Certificate And Acknowledgement

Dr. Adam Tan is awarded as the top prescriber of Sculptra in Malaysia for 9 years continuously by Galderma & Zuellig Pharma.

Sculptra 童颜针 Dr Adam
monette ansley clinic by dr adam scupltra certificate 2016

No.1 in 2016

monette ansley clinic by dr adam scupltra certificate 2017

No.1 in 2017

monette ansley clinic by dr adam scupltra certificate 2018

No.1 in 2018

monette ansley clinic by dr adam scupltra certificate 2019

No.1 in 2019

monette ansley clinic by dr adam scupltra certificate 2020

No.1 in 2020

dr adam sculptra 2021

No.1 in 2021

Certification by Ministry of Health Malaysia

Under the Medical Act 1971, practitioners are required to register with the Malaysian Medical Council to practice medicine in Malaysia. The Act also mandates practitioners who want to practice in that particular year to apply for the Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). Continuing Professional Development by Regulation 28 of the Medical Regulations 2017, applications shall be accompanied by a professional indemnity cover and evidence of sufficient continuing professional development points. Malaysian Medical Council was established by an Act of Parliament approved in 1971.

clinic registration monette ansley clinic by dr adam tan


Medical Registration for Monette Ansley Clinic

apc 2021 monette ansley clinic by dr adam tan


Annual Practising Certificate 2021 for Dr Adam Tan Kok Kin


Certification for Aesthetic Medical Practice

LCP is also known as a Letter of Credentialing Privileging in a guideline and regulation from the Ministry of Health for the medical doctor who wishes to practice aesthetic medicine in Malaysia since 2010. Prerequisites for a medical doctor practicing aesthetic medical practice include,

  • Full registration with Malaysian Medical Council with valid Annual Practising Certificate
  • Minimum 3 years of clinical experience as a medical doctor after full registration
  • Completed minimum 3 years of relevant training in aesthetic medical practice under supervision/attachment of any LCP certified medical doctor
  • Free from any disciplinary action

monette ansley clinic dr adam lcp 1

LCP Certification for 2016 - 2019

monette ansley clinic dr adam lcp 2

LCP Certification for 2019 - 2022

LCP 2022 Dr Adam

LCP Certification for 2022 - 2025

1 Million Medical Indemnity

Medical indemnity is a type of specific insurance custom made for a medical doctor practicing medicine in Malaysia, mainly focusing on any event during medical practice, protecting patients and doctors against claims arising from medical practice. It also can be defined as a contract of insurance that provides financial protection to the extent set out in an insurance contract issued by a licensed general insurer, to both doctors and patients.

Dr. Adam Tan Kok Kin is covered with (RINGGIT MALAYSIA) 1 million medical indemnity insurance by Pacific & Orient Insurance Co Berhad.

Insurance Dr Adam 2023

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