Dr. Adam Tan - Best Aesthetic Skin Laser Specialist & Doctor Malaysia

- Founder of Monette Ansley Clinic -

Are you looking for an LCP certified aesthetic skin laser specialist doctor in Malaysia? Dr. Adam is the leading skincare specialist and dermatologist in Asia who is also the founder of Monette Ansley clinic.

What is the specialization of Dr. Adam?

Dr. Adam specializes in Sculptra aesthetic treatment. The main purpose of this treatment is to stimulate the production of collagen in the body. Moreover, it also focuses on the restoration and rebuilding of lost collagen which is the most common protein in the body. Dr. Adam has 18 years of experience in providing Sculptra aesthetic treatments that show excellent results that last for 3-5 years.

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How did Dr. Adam gain 18 years of experience?

Dr. Adam not only benefited the patients of Malaysia but also successfully practiced in many other countries of the world including Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, and various cities of China such as Beijing, Shenyang, and Shanghai. He also gained expertise by treating the patients at Monette Ansley clinic which he established in Malaysia many years ago.

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Dr Adam's professional qualification

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MAHE, INDIA)

Dip Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM,USA)

MMC Registration Number 47489

American society for apheresis (ASFA)

International association of ozone therapy (AEPROMO, Spain)

Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

Society of anti aging, aesthetic and regenerative medicine Malaysia (SAAARM)

Malaysian Mensa Association

Malaysia Ministry of Health certified Aesthetic Doctor (LCP Certified, LCP-AMP-001/2016 (19))

Mensa International

MENSA INTERNATIONAL is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. It consists of more than 134000 members in 100 countries and Dr. Adam Tan has been an international member since 1996. From this, it can be concluded that Dr. Adam is the leading skincare specialist in the world and the quality of his services is proven worldwide.

Where can I get treated under the supervision of Dr. Adam Tan?

Dr. Adam has a well-equipped team and the biggest achievement of Dr. Adam is the establishment of the Monette Ansley clinic. This is the platform that provides skincare services. Here Dr. Adam serves as the major skincare specialist and a dermatologist for the people of Malaysia. The best part about this clinic is that it provides detailed beauty packages including body slimming, Pico Laser facial, facial rejuvenation, acne scar removal, and other similar skincare treatments. This clinic is highly valued in the aesthetic medical field with the most five-star reviews for more than 18 years continuously.

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What is the biggest achievement of Dr. Adam?

100% satisfaction level of the customers is the biggest achievement of Dr. Adam. He is an expert at delivering treatments that bear real life-changing results. No one can compete with the level of service that he provides at Monette Ansley Clinic. On top of all, Galderma Sweden (A Malaysia Record Holder) successively awarded Dr. Adam with Best Sculptra Doctor for 9 years continuously.

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Dr. Adam is undeniably A Top International Leading Aesthetic Skin Care Specialist!

The people of Malaysia are lucky enough to have Dr. Adam Tan and Monette Ansley Clinic. Dr. Adam is also an instructor and a tutor and shares his extensive knowledge of aesthetic medicine, especially anti-aging and regenerative niche, with his Malaysian students. His hard work, commitment, and excellence have brought him to the pinnacle of success. He talks a good talk and walks a well-known walk. He is truly the man everyone should know about. Through his commitment, medical excellence, and combination of technical injection skills which he uses to perfection, making Dr. Adam Tan has an unrivaled worldwide reputation, a member of the International Association of ozone therapy (AEPROMO, Spain).


Dr. Adam's most popular treatment

aesthetic laser skin clinic malaysia monette dr adam injection sculptra

Sculptra 3D facelift

aesthetic laser skin clinic malaysia monette dr adam injection olivia

Natural facial rejuvenation

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Volumetric enhancement

Monette Ansley Clinic

Awarded Certificate of Care Excellence for the year 2020