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If you are looking for an effective non-surgical option for a facelift in Malaysia, HIFU treatment is no doubt your best choice. Liftera A also known as Liftera Advance, has become one of the most sought-after lifting treatments for face and neck across an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, USA, and Australia. Clinically proven to be effective for double chin, to achieve v shape face.

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Most popular

Singapore hospital best seller

Zero downtime

Non-surgical facelift, without any downtime, can resume daily activities immediately

60 - 70 degree

Clinical proved to achieve this range of temperature for optimal skin tightening result

4.5mm SMAS

Clinically proven to reach this specific depth for the best lifting rejuvenation

7 Mhz

Ultraformer III with 7 MHZ high-frequency target skin tissue remove double chin

3.0mm Dermal

HIFU energy rejuvenate dermal layer 3.0mm to stimulate the production of collagen

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Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr. Adam Tan, our clinic with Ultraformer III HIFU technology with 7MHZ high frequency for optimal face lifting result without the need of surgery.

Ultraformer III is the most popular aesthetic treatment in many aesthetic clinics, hospitals in Singapore.

A different HIFU in Malaysia - Ultraformer III

Treatment with Ultraformer III in Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr. Adam Tan, Ultraformer III is our state of the art HIFU machine, most sought after aesthetic treatment in Singapore, can help you to achieve your desired aesthetic goals, including tightening your skin, contouring your face, getting rid of the double chin that bothering you for years. A truly different hifu Malaysia device that you have ever seen. Many clients experience the mesolipo effect or similar effect with clatuu fat freezing, which is another signature treatment to contour our body and bring you a V shape face.

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Face shape and neckline much better and well defined after treatment

Theory behind HIFU

HIFU is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, the latest skin laser technology to stimulate the growth of our collagen, at the same time act as an effective fat burner with its highly selective 60-70 degree celsius heating of the fat adipose tissue, get rid of those stubborn double chin effectively.

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The face looks so much slimmer, younger after HIFU treatment

Benefits of HIFU treatment

Among all the benefits of HIFU treatment, the most wanted and most popular result by Malaysians is non-surgical face lifting, including tighter, firmer skin and of cause a more youthful appearance. The main reason many people dislike cosmetic surgery is due to traditional facelift surgery being too invasive, as the result will make the patient underwent the surgery looks too fake, not natural at all, on top of that, it might cause serious scaring tissue formation.

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Skin becomes tighter & becoming a V-shaped face

Double chin

What is a double chin? Double chin is due to excessive collection of fat tissue in the submental area, it is a common condition for all Malaysian, according to the latest research conducted in Malaysia, it is among the most popular aesthetic treatment in all aesthetic skin clinics in Malaysia. However double chin can be a nightmare to many if not treated effectively.
HIFU treatment clinically proven to be the most effective treatment for double chin, at Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr. Adam, we are utilizing multiple approaches to treat double chin including HIFU treatment and Mesolipo Deoxycholate injection.

monette ansley clinic by dr adam tan hifu double chin

Look slimmer and younger without double chin

How to get the face you want even if you have a double chin?

It can be an indication of fatness or weight gain if you see a double chin in the mirror, though not always. A double chin seems clear; only a bit fatter around all over the jaw. However, its effects can be quite complex. If you have a double chin, you may appear wrinkled and older. There is no doubt that you have to work hard to get rid of the double chin. Although it is a general belief that Women without double chins and naturally contoured fac possess attractive features. But what if you have a double chin? Are you scared of not looking beautiful? You lack confidence just because your friends or relatives highlight your double chin. Don't you? But there we are present to show you that you can get the face you want even if you have a double chin. How? Let's get deep into the facts.

Causes of double chin

Your neck and chin muscles are surrounded by another layer of superficial muscles that strain the inner muscles. Interrupted by some external factors, it pulls the neck's inner muscles, giving you a double chin when you usually glower. It's okay to have a double chin, just as long as it doesn't bother you. But it might give you wrinkles around your face, and you might look old even in your twenties. It's not a medical problem, but you still need to get rid of it to get the face you want. It's essential to understand its causes before jumping into a solution. Let’s get started.

  • Obesity, is the leading cause of the double chin. Regular eating of junk foods, an unhealthy diet, and laziness play a considerable role in indirectly giving you the gift of a double chin.
  • Genetics, play a part in a double chin. For example, when other members of your family possess fat, you are more likely to have a double chain. But with some specific treatments, you can get rid of it.

Ways to getting rid of the double chin

If you want to look pretty and attractive, you need to get rid of the double chin first. The below-mentioned solutions will surely help you in this way.

  • Daily facial exercises, also called facial yoga, can help you to have a perfect face shape. But, as we all know, before treatment, prevention is always better—that is why yoga plays the primary role of lessening the double chin. Yoga is not only beneficial for the double chin but also whole physical and mental health.
  • Facial massages, to get rid of double chin, facial massages, such as lymphatic drainage massage, play a significant role. These are massaging your face with the unique use of fingers and palms that can help you in face tightening. During the massage, use your index finger and middle finger. Make sure that your hand movement should be from the chin towards the eyes. Then, do gentle face massage by circling fingers according to the direction as mentioned earlier. It is one of the facial exercises that can also be done at home with any moisturizer. There are many tools available with which you can get a perfect massage. One of the old yet powerful tools is gua sha. It is the ideal tool that relaxes face muscles by reducing tension—roll gua sha all over the face and near the jawline.
  • Surgical treatment of double chin, if a person is very much obese or genetically has a double chin, simple exercises can't be helpful. Then liposuction is best to reduce fat not only from the chin but also from other body parts. Liposuction is an operation that eliminates fat from different regions of your body, where fat generates a single suction method to transfer it and pile up. For example, fat from your torso, tummy, tubes, arms, neck, abdomen, thighs, or hips can be removed using the course of treatment. Liposuction can also help to carve and circumvent these areas. In general, liposuction is not seen as a whole weight-loss procedure for treating obesity or as a compared to natural methods for belly fat.
  • Non-surgical treatments, sometimes even after yoga, proper exercise, and massages, double chin does not reduce. Then you should go for non-surgical-surgical treatments. These treatments will be the only leftover choice in the case. Sometimes doctors also recommend Duromine which helps to reduce weight and ultimately reduce double chin. Slimming products are also in demand. Low-time treatments but a cheap product may have side effects too. Make sure that it is a sensitive case of your face. Therefore, you should select the best doctor who is an expert in his niche.

Who is the best doctor for double chin reduction in Malaysia?

Don't you want to enjoy perfect selfies in the beautiful scenery of Malaysia's limestone caves and sky-touching mountains? But still, this double chin gives you an odd look in front of breathtaking views. And you are tired of doing daily face yoga, but all vain. Then it's time to visit the founder of Monette Ansley clinic, Dr. Adam.

Due to his enhanced experience in non-surgical-surgical facelift, you will get the face look you had ever dreamt of—the remedies provided by dr. Adam will indeed reduce your double chin and give you a perfect glowing and contoured face. The essential treatment is given by Dr. Adam that is effective in reducing the double chin, is life.

Hifu is the modern treatment for doing facelifts that also reduces double chin and tightens your skin. Dr. Adam is skillful at giving you v shape face by doing neck lifts. So you will get painless treatment of the double chin. The relaxing Monette Ansley is the only aesthetic clinic in Malaysia that uses Liftera A and other FDA-approved modern technology to tighten skin, ultimately giving a facelift and for the double chin.

Dr. Adam makes sure that in addition to providing the desired treatment, he also offers painless treatment. That's why he applied a signature 3 in 1 pain-free steps before the final facelift.

Interested in learning more about this excellent treatment?

Who will need HIFU treatment?

If you think HIFU treatment is only limited to a particular age group or gender, then you are wrong, HIFU is suitable for anyone who prefers tighter skin, and need needs collagen stimulation to lift and tighten the skin, to slow down the aging process, achieve brow lifting, midface lifting including nasolabial fold reduction, that normally need hyaluronic filler to achieve before HIFU treatment release into the market a few years ago.

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Does HIFU hurt?

The majority of the patient in Monette Ansley Clinic undergo HIFU treatment after 40 minutes of local numbing cream.

This will effectively remove any pain sensation during HIFU treatment.

A side effect of HIFU

Our clinic with more than 1 million (Ringgit Malaysia) medical indemnity insurance to ensure all treatments and procedures carried out in our clinic is safe and effective.

You will have 100% safe, effective without any side effects of HIFU treatment in our clinic.


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