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Thanks to Malaysia's strategic location close to the equatorial line, Malaysia's climate is hot and humid throughout the year, enjoying a tropical climate all year long. This might cause little problem to those having excessive body hair, Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr. Adam Tan is an aesthetic laser skin specialist clinic in Malaysia approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, having the latest medical-grade diode laser, that treat all hair removal effectively and painlessly. Besides slimming products, PRP treatment, pico laser, and other facial treatments.

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Best hair removal laser

Awarded by National Laser Institute

Money-back guarantee

The clinic provides a money-back guarantee

Most popular procedure

Voted TOP 3 Most Popular Aesthetic treatment

USA FDA Approved

Approved by USA FDA for more than 25 years

810nm wavelength

Clinically proven effective hair removal wavelength

Permanent result

Guaranteed permanent hair removal result

How does hair removal laser work?

Our clinic uses a laser with a specific wavelength at 810nm, also known as Diode Laser, this specific wavelength of the laser can effectively penetrate our skin surface and cause maximum energy absorption within the hair follicles, as a result, will damage and destroy individual hair follicles, at the same time prevent future regrowth.

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Guaranteed permanent hair removal result

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Hairy with an unpleasant odor

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After laser

Smooth hair free & whitening

Different between laser and IPL

Everyone is talking about hair removal laser, but not all hair removal treatments are using laser, many hair removal treatments performed in an aesthetic clinic in Malaysia or beauty saloons are using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) instead of Laser.

Diode laser

Diode laser with a specific wavelength at 810nm, will cause optimal focus on the treated area, and no energy is wasted, making this laser much more efficient and powerful.

  • Needless treatments sessions
  • Able to treat all skin type
  • Painless
  • More effective
  • Safer


IPL also known as Intense Pulsed Light, is a device using a broad spectrum of light with multiple wavelengths, this will cause more unfocused energy is being used and wasted.

  • Need more treatment sessions
  • Not able to treat darker skin group
  • Painful
  • Less effective
  • Risk of burn

Benefits of laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal can reduce hair permanently from 90%, you might experience a few tiny small hair growths in the future, if it happens, please do come back to our clinic for an additional touch-up laser at no cost.
  • Have you ever suffered from ingrown hair with infection? Laser hair removal can solve this problem easily.
  • Just imagine how much time and money you can save on your monthly trip to a beauty saloon for hair waxing, shaving?
  • Of all the benefits of laser hair removal, our clients in Monette Ansley Clinic prefer the benefit of improving skin tone, texture, and whitening.
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Laser hair removal in Malaysia