Dr Adam is also the top aesthetic doctor for Sculptra treatment Malaysia, awarded the top prescriber of Sculptra for 5 years continuously by Galderma, Sweden, a truly revolutionary treatment, having treated thousands of delighted clients, as well as some of the country’s most famous faces and royal family. What is the most frequent asked questions and answer for Sculptra? Let celebrities below to answer all your questions and doubt regarding our clinic from their point of view. original text in chinese

Monette Ansley Clinic 王菁忆 Ong Ching Yee
Monette Ansley Clinic Ong Ching Yee

Ong Ching Yee

8TV - TV News Anchor/ Brand Ambassador/ Host/ The Best News Presenter - Golden Awards 2017/ Voted Top 5 Most Popular Female Artiste

Have experienced a few treatments such as Sculptra, Diode hair removal and Vita C drip. Dr Adam Tan is a reputable and experienced certified medical doctor with many years of experience in the aesthetics industry locally and abroad. He has been awarded as the top prescriber of Sculptra in Malaysia."


Monette Ansley Clinic 洪夏诗 Apple Ang
Monette Ansley Clinic 洪夏诗

Apple Ang


"Dr Adam is very professional and has many domestic and foreign certification diplomas, etc., reliable and reassuring. ❤️ The one-stop medical beauty service is included. The clinic design is comfortable and stress-relieving, even if any treatment is a little scary. I feel that the relaxing beauticians are professional and gentle, and they will always worry about and remind you to pay attention during the process! ! If you want to choose, you must choose a safe and professional clinic, which is also a guarantee for you!

Monette Ansley Clinic Kyo Ikuyo
Monette Ansley Clinic Kyo

Kyo Ikuyo

GALAXY MACAU (International Entertainer Director) , Operation Manager of Sothys,doTHERRA,Founder of Krazee Group

Kyo went to a clinic last week. As soon as I went in and saw that the certificates were hung in the cabinet, I knew that the doctor should not be easy. Then after listening to Dr. Adam’s explanation (using a 3D instrument to analyze Kyo) Face), we were completely moved by Dr. Adam. We are about to inject Tongyan needles and cannot wait any longer. We have wasted the precious time of the past few years and so much wasted money to do this and that, and think that we are stupid. , Can one or two hundred yuan be used for that kind of treatment? siao, what did the Tongyan needle come from? #Natural bone collagen growth Tongyan needle is injected into the dermis, and then activates the skin to produce its own collagen. I don’t want other fillers, it is so fake, it looks like a net red face, very geli, on the contrary, because the Tongyan needle produces its own bone Collagen, so it looks and feels very natural. If you don’t tell, even professional doctors don’t know that you have ever had anything

Monette Ansley Clinic Jia Shin
Monette Ansley Clinic Jia Shin Lee

Jia Shin Lee

Top 10 influencer 2018 , Top 20 Malaysian Parenting Blogs 2018 , Top 25 Malaysia Lifestyle Blogs 2018

As I hit 30, I notice that I've been aging quite quickly and what worries me the most is I constantly get comments like "You look really tired!" But the actual fact is I'm not tired, I guess I've aged as time goes by. This got me worried because many of you know how vain I can be but thank goodness with modern technology there are many ways to help reverses the effect of aging.

Not too long ago, I paid Dr. Adam at Monette Ansley Clinic a visit, I wanted to get proper consultation on my aging problem and he seems to be the perfect person to go to because Dr. Adam is a national and international leading aesthetic consultant, a lecturer and tutor in the world of aesthetic medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine. He practices at Monette Ansley, a flagship aesthetic clinic located in Tropicana Avenue that offers high-quality anti-aging and aesthetic treatments for both men and women with minimal invasive aesthetic treatments within the aesthetic medicine.

Monette Ansley Clinic Tommy
Monette Ansley Clinic Tommy Tong


General Manager of Lerz' Malaysia

Having a perfect appearance is a wishful thinking of everyone, but it has been slow to complete it. Xiaobian Duo Mi finally settled down on the introduction of his friend CLINIC TROPICANA, see DR.ADAM inquiries. After the observation of DR.ADAM and the measurement with the golden ratio, a diagnosis plan was made in the editor's "Imperfection".

Monette Ansley Clinic Emily
Monette Ansley Clinic Emily Quak

Emily Quak

Blogger, YouTuber, Makeup Artist

I discovered a new clinic recently - Monette Ansley by Dr Adam in Tropicana Avenue. Dr Adam is one of the leading injectors of Sculptra - a form of filler that produces natural anti-aging results (no pillowface, yay!). I booked in an appointment last week and set off on my little Sculptra journey. Also worth mentioning, the clinic is absolutely gorgeous! It has high ceilings, a super comfy waiting area, and even the rooms are beautifully designed and decorated. Kudos to the clinic for creating such a welcoming, comfortable environment. The process of treatment for Sculptra is pretty much what you would expect with other fillers - first you start off with a simple consultation with the doctor. I have to say Dr Adam's approach really soothed me. He was very careful to take into account the volume my face already had, and advised me against injecting filler in certain areas because they were already quite pronounced. It's important to go to a doctor who takes all this into account, because if not, they could go too far and inject too much filler, creating unnecessary fullness where you don't need it.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I have been doing facial treatments here since it opened. The doctors are super professional and the nursing staff are super attentive! The most professional medical beauty expert in Malaysia, just come!

Angela C.

Monette Ansley Clinic Angela


aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam media arif

"Sesi konsultasi bersama Dr Adam Tan sangat membantu untuk saya memahami masalah parut jerawat dengan lebih terperinci dan langkah-langkah untuk mengubatinya."

- Ariff Shah, famous malaysian blogger, business owner

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam media eddie

"I've received aesthetic injection for V shaped face in Monette Ansley Clinic by Dr Adam."

- Eddie Lai, famous Malaysia singer, winner of 2008 Absolute Super Star, founder of Goongbar.

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam media sugee

"here’s what I’ve been trying out at Monette Ansley Clinic - Hydration facial ! 💧 Love the oxygen infused rose water that’s spray onto the outer layer of skin. Smells heavenly!"

- Sugeeta Chandran, TV Host- TV3 & NTV 7, Miss Universe Malaysia, FEMALE Miss Photogenic 2015

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam media bowie

"Dr Adam Tan has his own prominent ingredient of injection that will not only hydrate the treated area, giving it improved firmness, elasticity and smoothness that will last."

- Bowie Cheong, famous fashion & lifestyle blogger, founder of Miss.B Patisserie

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam media rain

"Finally I did Diode Laser Hair Removal treatment and i love it because it is PAIN FREE!! Thanks to your wonderful recommendation : Monette Ansley Clinic."

- Rain C, international super model, represented by Storm Models United Kingdom, GPCH & Britishpoloday

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam betty

"Recently I have visited Monette Ansley for aesthetic treatment, Sculptra helps stimulate collagen production, ultimately restoring your natural facial volume."

- Betty Liew, famous Malaysia Influencer, digital creator, winner of 2020 Top Lifestyle Blogger, 2019 Best Lifestyle Blogs Award

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam kelly

"According to Dr. Adam Tan this PLLA Collagen Stimulator Treatment helps to boost and stimulate our body to produce our own collagen."

- Kelly , Digital content creator, social media influencer, with average page view more than 75000

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam elana

"I visited this clinic that focuses on aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine for a consultation with Dr Adam."

- Elana Kong, digital content creator

aesthetic skin laser clinic monette dr adam kelly

"Love the ambience of the clinic. 5 star service by Dr. Adam’s crew! Always a great experience there. Highly recommended 👍"

- Kelly Tan, Malaysian professional golfer LPGA, winner of USA championship & Malaysian Ladies Amateur Open 3 times

Monette Ansley Clinic Juli

The premise of beauty is safety first! Trustworthy medical beauty

Juli JXin

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Monette Ansley Clinic Lee

I have seen many women who love beauty on the Internet and fail because they go to a doctor who is not a professional doctor! Dr. Adam makes me feel so professional and also makes me feel at ease.

Lee Phooi Yong

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Monette Ansley Clinic Rachel

A very kind and humorous doctor. Every one of his Aesthetic Beauticians is also very friendly and very skilled. So you can trust yourself to them and let them reform for you

Rachel Siow Boon

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆