PICO Laser Pigment Removal in Malaysia

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Why are Malaysian prone to develop dark pigmentation on their face? Melanocytes within our dermal skin layer secrete melanin, which is the dark pigmentation as we can see as freckles, melasma, age spot, due to stimulation by sun exposure, hormonal changes, and so on. Many aesthetic clinics in Malaysia only emphasize pigment removal however ignore the role and importance of medical-grade sunblock and oral supplements of antioxidants including oral glutathione, Crystal tomato, Oxithion for an optimal whitening result, as a combination treatment with the latest laser for pigmentation - PICO Laser, it is a fast and dermatologically safe, to treat all pigmentary condition, a truly 5-Star review non-invasive method.

pico laser intro

Double certification

Approved by USA FDA & Europe CE Certification

450s PICO short pulse

Innovative Picosecond Laser at 450s

Specific 1064nm wavelength

Optimal wavelength for pigmentary lesion

530nm wavelength

The specific wavelength for capillaries, red, orange, yellow color lesion

4.6x stronger

Clinically proven to be 4.6x stronger compared to traditional laser treatment

360 degree

Precise laser toning treatment target pigmentary lesion deep into the tissue layer

All you need to know before getting a pico facial

Are you having freckles on your face or worried about your uneven skin tone? Then say thanks to your stars, you have landed in the right place. Today, we will guide you on how you can deal with active breakouts, freckles, melasma, and any facial hyperpigmentation.

It is no secret that scars and freckles often irritate you because they take away the beauty of your skin. However, there exists a technology that is very effective in treating skin pigmentation and other problems that are associated with acne scars.

It is pico laser technology!

Pico laser technology seems quite new but its widespread applications have proven its worth. It can not only help you in getting rid of acne scars but also remove skin pigmentation, tattoos as well as signs of aging that may appear on your skin with time.

We can consider it an aesthetic treatment.

Inspired yet? Want to know more?

Let's uncover what pico laser technology is, how it works and what type of skincare issues it can address.

What is a Pico laser?

It is a pigment laser that shows its effectiveness in a picosecond and effectively helps in removing the blemishes, scars as well as freckles on the skin.

This technology is powerful enough to remove tattoos as well. So if you are dealing with discoloration, scars, or pigmentation issues, this treatment can help you with that.

The best part about Pico laser technology is that it is 100% safe and works naturally by boosting the production of new skin cells and promoting the formation of collagen so that you will have healthy-looking and vibrant skin in the end.

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10 years younger after PICO laser

How does Pico laser technology work?

As revealed by the word Pico, this technology makes use of a unique wavelength and uses the power of waves to put some pressure on the skin. This pressure triggers the skin cells and stimulates them to produce more elastin and collagen. As a result, your skin cells get activated and your skin looks bright and young.

By providing overall balance to the skin, it helps in the rejuvenation of surrounding tissues. It also effectively removes acne scars and pigmentation problems.

how does pico work

Benefits of Pico laser

The widespread use of this technology ensures that it is benefiting the people to a very large extent. Here we are going to discuss some of the benefits that it provides to your skin.


Promotes skin rejuvenation in a natural way

Unlike other painful and artificial treatments, Pico laser promotes and stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin cells naturally. The glow that you gain after pico laser treatment is 100% natural and permanent. It works by triggering the skin cells even from the deeper layers of your skin ensuring that your skin cells will perform best. In this way, it helps in the rejuvenation of your skin, making it glowing.


Helps to treat melasma on the skin

Melasma is an irritating skin disorder that is often caused by an imbalance in hormones. If a person is experiencing a sudden spike or drop in hormones, he or she may experience melasma. Sometimes the cause of melasma in females is the use of birth control pills and medications. However, no matter what the severity level of melasma is, Pico laser is a safe and effective treatment that effectively helps the patients in recovering from the painful condition of melasma. If the patient focuses on all the precautions and changes his lifestyle accordingly, he/she is guaranteed to experience very great outcomes and all of his/her expectations will be perfectly met.


Helps in the removal of acne scars

It is no secret that the people who face the problem of acne scars often think that these scars are almost reversible. The fact is, acne scars often do not go away easily. However, Pico laser technology has proven to help remove the most stubborn scars. So when it comes to effectively removing acne scars of all types, there is no treatment better than pico laser. It works by breaking the acne scars at the micro-level, thus promoting the regeneration of new skin cells.

Freckles and melasma

Malaysian skin types were unfortunately not always suitable with traditional laser treatment, as it might cause unwanted PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) or burn. The good news is, with the latest PICO laser, a laser for pigmentation which is much more gentle, light rather than heat-based approach, making it the most suitable laser toning for Malaysian skin type.

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Remove pigmentary lesion & rejuvenate skin

What can I expect during the pico treatment?

A lot of people get worried about the treatment process. Remember that pico laser technology is a quite painless treatment that helps in the removal of freckles and acne scars without creating any considerable discomfort.

Here is how you can get Pico treatment.

First of all, the doctor will apply a particular cream on your skin (pico facial) especially on the active affected areas. The cream will be left for 20 minutes. However, if you are facing a very painful condition or the situation of your skin is very complex the pico facial will be left for more than 50 minutes on your skin.

After that, the doctor will apply a pico laser on your skin. You may have to attend more than one session depending upon the severity and complexity of your situation. This treatment is quite harmless and you can carry out all your activities after the session. However, you will be strictly advised to avoid the exposure of your skin to direct sunlight. The best solution is to apply the sunblock for extra protection of your skin.

is pico safe

Is PICO laser safe?

PICO Laser is very safe due to the laser energy selectively absorbed by the pigmentary lesion only, meaning the surrounding skin and tissues are not affected and there is no lasting damage to any layer of the skin.

Meet the best Pico laser technology expert in Malaysia

It is a common observation that Malaysian people face skin pigmentation, freckles, melasma, and other issues due to sun exposure, changing seasons, or internal hormonal changes. However, if you have already taken aesthetic treatments such as oral supplements and are looking for a permanent and long-lasting solution, here is the kicker for you. At Monette Ansley Clinic, you can get the premium pico laser treatment and meet with the expert and experienced Pico laser experts. Here Dr. Adam and other experts make use of the latest Pico laser to treat freckles, pigmentation, and other skin issues. This is a permanent technique that is 100% fast and dermatologically safe.

Here is what makes the Monette Ansley Clinic the best place for Pico Laser pigment removal in Malaysia.

  • Precise laser toning treatment.
  • Guarantees the removal of all kinds of skin scars.
  • Approved by US FDA and Europe CE certification
  • Makes the use of optical wavelength for pigment lesion
  • Highly affordable and reasonably priced & much more!

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How does PICO laser remove pigment?