Sculptra Treatment in Malaysia

Why Sculptra is more expensive than others?

Hermes is more expensive than others because every Hermes is handcrafted by the finest master in the world, to ensure every Hermes is a unique masterpiece.

The main ingredient of Sculptra is Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), which is biocompatible, completely degraded by the body, has no side effects, and has been used safely in the medical field for more than 30 years. Monette Ansley Clinic is the leading aesthetic skin specialist clinic in Malaysia providing sculptra treatment, to restore faincial collagen volume lost due to aging.

Sculptra Treatment in Malaysia


Hyaluronic filler & thread last for a few months but Sculptra lasts 3-5 years


1 hour of simple face injection, is an effective way to regain the natural beauty

FDA Approved

Clinically proven to rebuild & restore collagen that time has taken away

A celebrity secret

Faye Wong 王菲,Joey Wong 王祖贤, Michelle Lee 李嘉欣

Better long term value

Hyaluronic filler full-face treatment 5 years cost >RM10k

Top aesthetic treatment

Sculptra among the Top Aesthetic Treatment in USA 2019

How does Sculptra work?

Activate the natural growth of collagen, improve any sunken areas and wrinkles on the face, addresses the underlying cause of facial aging, not just the symptoms. Sculptra is also used to treat volume loss in the face especially for those with immunocompromised lipoatrophy.

how does sculptra work

SCULPTRA replaces lost collagen and helps to maintain our skin's elasticity, it can subtly smooth, soften any sunken area on the face, restore youthful plumpness and naturally enhance facial features. No one will notice anyone after sculptra injection, even experienced aesthetic medical doctor unable to tell, as there is no foreign body found in the body post-SCULPTRA injection, even an MRI scan, CT scan, or Ultrasonography investigation on face the. A truly natural way to enhance our inner beauty from within.

What is Sculptra?

SCULPTRA is the only PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) approved by USA FDA (United State Food And Drug Administration) since 2004, even though there are more than 10 different brands with the same ingredient, unfortunately, all of those are not approved by USA FDA.

Why all others are not approved?

SCULPTRA with yearly sales of more than 10 million, is loved by celebrities across the world, has proven to be safe, effective, and has no side effects.

What is Sculptra?

Any pain? Any swelling?

During SCULPTRA treatment, there will be no pain and no swelling because Dr. Adam, the chief aesthetic medical doctor in our aesthetic clinic, prefers to use a 3 in 1 anesthetic protocol, with numbing cream, a mixture of Sculptra with lignocaine, and local anesthetic with a nerve block. For patients who need a completely painless experience, they can opt for intravenous sedation, as a result, there will be 100% no pain, on top of that, it is safe and effective. All treatments and procedures are regulated by KKM (Ministry of Health Malaysia).

No pain

Signature 3 in 1 anesthetic.

No swelling

Intravenous anti-swelling medication with post-treatment anti-swelling protocol.

At the injection site, some patients might experience some redness and bruises that will go away in a few days without any complication. The patient can resume daily activities immediately after Sculptra treatment, as this treatment has no downtime. No allergy skin test or any special preparation from patients is needed before any Sculptra treatment, making Sculptra treatment a convenient lunch break procedure.

Most common treated area


Tear trough, eye bag




Laugh line


Apple cheek




Marionette line


Lateral cheek or any sunken area on face

Procedure for Sculptra

How many sessions?

How many vials?

One complete treatment with 3 sessions (one month apart), amount needed depends on the severity, for example, under eyes need 1 vial in total, laugh line will need 2 vials, however for a full-face treatment will need 4-6 vials of Sculptra in total. There are many updates in FDA for Sculptra treatment recently, including treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. According to Dr. Michael T. Somenek, a facial plastic surgeon in Washington DC, "We saw some great results in terms of smile line reduction and improvement to the quality of the skin, which is something that was never really looked at previously."

How long does Sculptra last?

How long does Sculptra last?

SCULPTRA is clinically proven to last more than two years, meaning at the second year there is still plenty of collagen on the face.

In many patients, only need to top up the next SCULPTRA treatment after 3 - 5 years, however, the hyaluronic filler can only last for a few months, thread lift treatment lasts for less than 1 year, Botox last for a few months.

*Result of Sculptra can last 3-5 years.  

Difference between Sculptra and Derma veil

What is Sculptra? What is Derma Veil? What is the difference between these two brands of injectables? These are the most frequently asked questions by patients who wish to understand more about collagen stimulators, to enhance our facial appearance naturally. Both of them share the same main ingredient, poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), Sculptra is approved by USA FDA however Derma Veil is not.


  • Approved by USA FDA since 2004
  • The product owner is Galderma Sweden, a subsidiary of NESTLE, founded in 1866 (155 years ago with revenue of CHF 91 billion in 2018)
  • Distributed in Malaysia through Zuellig Pharma

Derma veil

  • No USA FDA approval
  • The product owner is Medinter, a relatively smaller company compared to Galderma, NESTLE
  • Discontinued in Malaysia since 2019

A change in Sculptra's formula lately. There is no need to dilute Sculptra in advance of several days before use, doctor can dilute Sculptra immediately before use. Making Sculptra treatment a lot easier and safe.

What to expect after Sculptra treatment?

After Sculptra injection, we will apply a 30 minutes phototherapy recovery treatment with Celluma Pro, a medical device made in the USA, to speed up the recovery process. Celluma Pro is unlike any other LED panel device available today, thanks to its powerful low-level cell repairing LED technology.

Upon leaving our clinic, a complete after-care instruction will be explained in detail including a 555 homecare massage technique.

  • Massage treated area for five times per day
  • Each time for 5 minutes
  • For 5 consecutive days

The result with Sculptra is gradual. Over 3-4 weeks following Sculptra treatment, our body will start to produce collagen, increasing skin thickness and gradually replacing lost collagen due to aging, which results in smoother skin and a youthful appearance.

How much does Sculptra cost?

How much does Sculptra cost in Malaysia?

SCULPTRA is not a commodity that can be bought and compared to other treatments that need less skill, Sculptra's price depends on the experience of the doctor that is doing it, Dr. Adam is awarded The Top Sculptra doctor by Galderma (Sweden) for 9 years continuously.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2021, the average cost for Sculptra was USD 1500 per vial. An experienced doctor, like Dr. Adam, will be more expensive than a junior doctor who is injecting Sculptra.

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