Laser Vaginal Treatment in Malaysia

Non-Surgical Tightening | Urinary Incontinence | Guaranteed Results

According to a research report in the National Institutes of Health conducted by Dr. Sherina Mohd Sidik in 2010, the prevalence of urinary incontinence among Malaysian females was as high as 9.9%, meaning 1 in every 10 ladies in Malaysia will suffer from urinary incontinence at age 60 and above if no early intervention is done. Why lady will suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal wall laxity, and regular vaginal infection, especially after childbirth and post-menopause. The main contributing factor is the loss of collagen as a normal part of aging.

laser vaginal intro

360 degree

More effective with 360-degree laser

5 passes

110 pulses duration for optimal rejuvenation result

30 minutes

Complete treatment cycle within 30 mins

Vaginal tightening

Stimulate vaginal collagen, fibroblast & elastin

Urinary incontinence

Clinically proven able to treat urinary incontinence

Done by a lady laser specialist

Full treatment performed by a trained female laser specialist

Why choose laser vaginal treatment in Monette Ansley Clinic?

Our aesthetic clinic uses the most advanced vaginal laser with a specific wavelength at 360-degree targeting, able to cover all the area within the vaginal wall cavity, also known as the Gold Standard in laser vaginal treatment. On top of that, our laser vaginal treatment has no downtime, no pain, or discomfort, everything is done within 30 minutes, compared to that surgical method that needs the patient to go under the knife, under sedation, and are exposed to the risk of scar formation, post-surgery infection and prolong recover period and so on, making our laser vaginal treatment second to none.

monette ansley clinic by dr adam tan vaginal laser before

Before laser

The vaginal wall is thin and old

monette ansley clinic by dr adam tan vaginal laser after

After laser

Vaginal wall back to 18 years old!

360-degree targeting

With the latest revolutionary laser technology - 360-degree targeting, we can rebuild and repair vaginal walls, by stimulating collagen, fibroblast, elastin growth, this will ultimately tighten the vaginal wall, restoring a more youthful feel and reducing urinary incontinence. Single treatments with multiple benefits.

360 degree targeting

Different between laser in Malaysia and other countries

Everyone is talking about laser vaginal tightening treatment in Malaysia, but do you know the difference between doing this laser in Malaysia and other countries in the world?

laser vagina malaysia


The health care system in Malaysia was inherited from the British upon independence in 1957. Advanced medical treatments are significant enough to be on par with well-developed countries, comprising both well-trained medical doctors and excellent medical facilities.

  • International Standard
  • British Healthcare System
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Tropical Climate
  • Well-trained Medical Doctor

Another country

Do you know how much is the cost for laser vaginal treatment in other countries?

  • United Kingdom (RM 6500 per session)
  • United State (RM 6100 per session)
  • Canada (RM 6800 per session)
  • Cost in our aesthetic clinic (RM 1280 per session)

*Data collected from google search

What is laser vaginal treatment?