Medical Weight Loss Program

Awarded The Best Medical Weight Loss Program

Why normal weight loss method will fail? Why do every day people die from diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and stroke? Every medical weight loss treatment in our clinic is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Dr Adam Lost 30kg In 15 weeks!

Reduce 20% fat in 1 treatment

The latest medical device is clinically proven to reduce stubborn body fat even after 1 treatment.

7 types intensive fat burner

Customized medical treatment for maximum weight loss with no side effects.

1st dual-frequency RF technology

A high-frequency device with patented technology destroys fat cells permanently.

5 French patent technology

Clinically proven to reduce visceral fat & waist circumference >6cm.

In-house personal training

Developed by American Heart Association, secretly used by national athletes.

Guaranteed drop 2 pants size

Remove stubborn fat on the stomach, love handles, thigh, arm, and whole body.

7 steps to slim down


Medical consultation with Dr Adam


Full body examination with blood test


Body fat & muscle segmental detailed analysis


Medical grade intensive fat burner


Fat injection to destroy local fat cell


Medical laser device remove stubborn fat


In-house personal training developed by American Heart Association

How does medical fat injection work?

Have you ever wondered how medical fat injection works? Why injection solution directly into the fat cell will destroy it? Research shows that medical fat injection dissolves stubborn localized fat especially, the double chin, abdomen, and arm. The intravenous drip of slimming medicine helps in the fatty acid breakdown and regulate glucose level, benefit preventing diabetes and heart disease. Clinically proven to lose weight effectively.


What is a weight loss laser machine?

Many clinical studies have already proved that weight loss laser machines are useful in many-body parts, especially for stubborn fat. Clinically proven to reduce 20% fat cell even after 1 single treatment.

Visceral fat

Do you know visceral fat can be more dangerous to your health compared to subcutaneous fat?

Visceral fat is the fat found inside your internal organ, surrounding your internal organ such as fatty liver, visceral fat is also known as active fat.

An abnormally high level of visceral fat above the level of 10 is alarming, immediate intervention must be started.

Subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat is the fat present directly under our skin. It is considered harmless if compare to visceral fat.

It helps to insulate our body from a cold environment and protect us from any blunt trauma.